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The pediatric series through DNS was everything that I was missing in my pediatrics training. Here was my train of thought: I was always taught that if there is not a motion restriction during motion palpation, why adjust? On that same thought, if babies have no compensatory movement patterns yet and they have the proper respiration pattern and therefore, no trigger points or soft tissue tenderness…why treat?! Better yet, why are babies getting adjusted SO OFTEN in clinical chiropractic settings if they do not have joint restrictions or soft tissue issues?  I had this internal struggle about treating kids for as long as I have been in school.

DNS Pediatrics Course, Marcella Safarova - Gestalt Education

Because of DNS, we know that only 70% of children develop according to the principles of developmental kinesiology. This means that there are 30% of children that ARE NOT developing correctly (i.e. missing key musculoskeletal milestones during the first year of life). This is where we, as manual physicians, can make a huge difference; the 30%.

This series of courses will teach you how to evaluate the baby to see if the baby is moving according to the stages of developmental kinesiology and then, you will be able to use your skills to rehabilitate the baby into the proper patterns! How cool, right?! For example, if the baby cannot turn towards one side, you will learn how to encourage the baby to turn to the other side with the correct support. In this particular example, this baby that cannot turn to one side would fall into the 30%. If you don’t have these skills, how else would you treat?

In my opinion, this is absolutely the way to go for pediatric care. How else will you evaluate the baby’s movements, see how old they are developmentally versus chronologically, and then treat accordingly? If you haven’t gathered this yet, I think very highly of this series. It has changed the way I think about pediatric care as well as how I treat kids that come into the office.

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Dr. Lauren jordan

Dr. Lauren Jordan is the co-founder of Gestalt Education and a Chiropractic Physician at Winchester Spine and Sport in Troy, MO. Lauren has differentiated herself by becoming an expert in the area of pediatrics, pregnancy, and postpartum chiropractic care. She is Webster Technique certified and loves working with expecting mothers. Lauren was the president of the Motion Palpation Club at Logan University. Lauren, her fiance Dean, and their dog Louie enjoy going to concerts to see their favorite bands live.