Functional Medicine 1: An Overview Course

"The cases that weren’t getting better with my musculoskeletal treatment, Dr. Furlano was with functional medicine treatment."

-Brett Winchester, DC

I haven’t known Dr. Rebecca Furlano for very long, but my experiences have been nothing short of incredible. It is not too often in your professional career that you get to be in the presence of someone striving for mastery, I get to share an office with Dr. Furlano. Her ability to make people feel comfortable to talk about things that may be difficult or who are clouded in loneliness and uneasiness of their situation is what makes her so special.

This ability to communicate and provide patients with actionable steps to take control of their lives is why we selfishly needed her to teach this series of Functional Medicine courses. Not only so we can feel more comfortable identifying when functional medicine services are necessary, but also to build a better collection of doctors that share her functional medicine skills.

The first class in this series (The Overview Course) is meant to provide us with a starting point for those patients who aren’t responding to our traditional musculoskeletal (MSK) treatment or who have complaints outside of the realm of MSK. This class will also set the stage for those who aim to be a full time functional medicine practitioner.

Check out the video below for a full run-down on the upcoming course. We hope to see you at the course!

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns!

The Functional Medicine 1: An Overview Course will take place at Winchester Spine and Sport with Dr. Rebecca Furlano on March 2-3rd, 2019. With all Gestalt Education courses, we provide a light breakfast, coffee, lunch, and an after hours happy hour with an opportunity to network and get to know all of the course attendees and instructors a little more. Our major separator an exclusive Integration video that will give you a short recap of the course as well as some simple and actionable ways to incorporate the information learned right away Monday morning!

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Taylor Premer Gestalt Education

Dr. Taylor Premer

Dr. Taylor Premer is the Co-Founder of Gestalt Education and a Chiropractor at Winchester Spine & Sport in Troy, MO. Dr. Premer was the president of the Motion Palpation Club at CUKC where he fell in love with teaching and learning manual/rehabilitative skills. He and his fiance Taylor enjoy exploring new coffee shops and traveling to new destinations.