World Of Hurt: Overview Course

The World of Hurt

A Guide to Classifying Pain Overview course is the course I highly recommend for clinicians to take first in the World of Hurt training courses because it literally covers all six mechanisms to why we hurt.

Setting the stage to when anatomical versus pathology versus mechanism classification systems should be considered. This course above the rest touches on all the pain mechanisms consolidating the information for clinical practice Monday morning. In addition to presenting characteristics unique to each mechanism and the clinical reasoning to differentiate one dominating mechanism from another, it highlights the interventions that are most effective for that specific mechanism. The interventions that are focused on are patient education and active exercise necessary to mediate the mechanisms and return the control over to the patient.

This course offers the clinician the ability to understand their pain tool box best. Answering those questions as to what intervention would affect which mechanism and greatly assists the organization and dissemination of those tools such as manual medicine, medications, procedures and surgeries. This course gives the clinicians an opportunity to evaluate themselves in their ability to treat all mechanisms effectively allowing them to discover where they should deep dive their learning into specific mechanisms offered in the World of Hurt training courses. The overview course has the most information of the training courses and really challenges the clinician to organize their thinking and future reading into a mechanism assessment more than any of the other courses.

The feedback from this course has been most rewarding in providing the foundation to read and understand the pain science literature; differentiate the central nervous system from the peripheral nervous system pain mechanisms to understand when a top down versus bottom up approach is warranted; where neurodynamics fits into the active exercise prescriptions for pain mechanisms and how and when sensorimotor retraining fits into clinical practice.

At the end of the World of Hurt Overview Course clinicians will feel mentally fatigued but clinically organized and equipped to handle any patient with pain on Monday morning.

Check out the video below for a quick excerpt from one of my courses.

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Annie O’Connor MSPT, OCS, Cert. MDT

Annie is the Chief Clinical Officer at the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab formerly known as the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. She is Co-Author of “A World of Hurt: A Guide to Classifying Pain” and September 2016 Journal Article in JMMT “Validation of a pain mechanism classification system (PMCS) in physical therapy practice”. Both publications offer a research supported “paradigm shift” in managing Musculoskeletal Pain promoting effective and efficient outcomes with significant cost savings. In Annie’s free time she enjoys water skiing and enjoying the outdoors.