The Motion Palpation Institute is built around the diagnostic skills of the clinicians hands and motion palpation in regards to determining when and where joint manipulation should occur. MPI hosts continuing education courses throughout the country with the goal of creating a culture and community seeking clinical mastery and to challenge the status quo of complacent, protocol driven technicians. The Motion Palpation Institute continues to lead the Chiropractic profession as the best choice for learning manipulation and integration of manual therapy techniques.

Upcoming MPI courses

  • July 27-28th, 2019: Pediatric and Pregnant Patients, Lombard, IL

  • July 27-28th, 2019: MPI Extremities, Overland Park, KS

  • July 27-28th, 2019: MPI Upper Integration, San Jose, CA

  • Aug. 24-25th, 2019: MPI Full-Spine, Atlanta, GA

  • Aug. 24-25th, 2019: MPI Pediatric and Pregnant Patients, Daytona, FL

  • Aug. 24-25th, 2019: MPI Shoulder, Portland, OR

  • Sept. 28-29th, 2019: MPI Full-Spine ‘Adjust-a-thon’, Overland Park, KS

  • Oct. 19-20th, 2019: MPI Masting Gait, Auburn, NY

  • Oct. 26-27th, 2019: MPI Lower Integration, Lombard, IL

  • Oct. 26-27th, 2019: MPI Full-Spine, Dallas, TX

  • Nov. 2-3rd, 2019: Mastering Gait, Triois-Rivieres, QC

  • Dec. 7-8th, 2019: MPI Mastering Gait, St. Louis, MO

*Please Note: Registration is not handled by Gestalt Education.*

The problem with Palpation is no one wants to take the time to get good at it.
— Karel Lewit