Functional Medicine 1: An Overview Course


Functional Medicine 1: An Overview Course

from 450.00

This two day course will consist of both lecture and hands on learning, including a brief physiological review of, and functional medicine perspective on, the integumentary, digestive, immune and endocrine systems, and their role in chronic disease. Participants will learn how to recognize and assess dysfunction within these systems via advanced physical exam techniques, psychosomatic assessment and affective cues from his/her patient. Participants will learn primary underlying causes of these visible and subjective manifestations of disease, as well as key nutritional and psychological strategies to clinically manage and empower patients to individually manage the condition in his/her daily life.


  • Saturday: 9am - 5pm

  • Sunday: 9am - 2pm

  • Coffee provided each day. Lunch will be provided on Saturday.

  • For information on our cancellation policy, click here.

  • This course is intended for licensed health care practitioners and students currently attending school (D.C., R.N., M.D., NPs, P.T., etc.).

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