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We Are Gestalt Education

We are a continuing education community that hosts the best evidence-informed seminars with world-renowned educators. Together, we are striving to create a new standard of musculoskeletal health by integrating a multitude of techniques. We believe that the combination of many different ideas, techniques, and styles is what will inevitably create a new gold standard for musculoskeletal care. Our goal is not only to provide you with the knowledge of what to do but also when to do it.

"​​​​​​Students are drowning in information, but are starving for application."

Brett Winchester, D.C.

Education + Integration

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Integration: The Key to Success in the Treatment Room

Dr. Brett Winchester and Dr. Taylor Premer take you through the research that ACTUALLY matters and the specifics of integrating multiple schools of thought and techniques into one exceptional treatment for your patients — no matter what complaint they come in with. Use code INTEGRATE for 100% off.

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Our Core Values

Create a new community of high performing physicians.

A new take on continuing education courses.

Seamless integration of evidence-informed techniques and information.

Every piece of information from our courses will add to the overall puzzle of clinical practice.

Maintaining relevance in patient-centered care.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Dr. Tony Krohn

"Highly recommend taking all courses with Gestalt Education. They offer a wide variety of courses that expand the clinical mind and toolset that will make you a better clinician for your patients. I plan to keep taking more courses from Gestalt Education, and you should too!"

Dr. Nic Hedges

"Gestalt education provides coursework that encompasses the complete picture of a top of the line musculoskeletal physician. The hosts put on seminars with both the attendees and lecturers in mind. I recommend their coursework for any MSK practitioner wishing to expand or develop their clinical skills."