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Contemporary Practice Management: Gregg Friedman, Documentation Savage

contemporary practice management the gestalt education podcast

Dr. Gregg Friedman is the owner of Got Documentation and a 2nd generation Chiropractor that has made it his mission to get Chiropractor's documentation up to the standard it needs to be. This episode was wine-fueled and totally off the rails, but there is sooooo much great information in here that applies to every one of us! 

We get into the nuts and bolts of documentation. We discuss specifically how we suck, but more importantly, why we suck! We also discuss how Medicare is steering the ship and why it is really important we play nice with them and get our documentation up to their standard. 

Please excuse the curse words and some of the slurred words. Like I said before, this was a wine-fueled (great wine I might add) conversation. Enjoy!


-Taylor Premer, D.C.

P.S. Here is the wine we were drinking, Pride Mountain Vineyards


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