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In The Trenches: Blood Flow Restriction feat. Stephan LaPlante

in the trenches stephen laplante the gestalt education podcast

Stephen LaPlante, PT, ATC is the Team Leader of Sports Rehabilitation at the Andrews Institute at Children's Health Orthopedics + Sports Medicine in Plano Texas. Stephen has been utilizing Blood Flow Restriction in his clinical practice for about 3 years and is on the cutting edge for rehabbing the post-surgical Anterior Cruciate Ligaments in Youth Athletes. 


Brett and I were able to see Stephen in his element at the Andrew's Institute while in Dallas for a Parker University event. Let me tell you, this place is impressive! They have everything from an Exos powered functional fitness facility to force plates to an underwater treadmill and even a 60-yard turf field. 


However, the thing that impressed me the most was the integration of technology and clinicians throughout the entire rehab process. This is exactly what Gestalt Education is all about! Integration of multiple schools of thought, treatment ideas, and clinical decision making for an unbelievable patient experience!

We are hosting DNS Baseball 1 at this location in November. I highly, highly recommend making it down here just to see the facility (DNS Baseball 1 is also an incredible course). Enjoy the show!


-Taylor Premer, D.C.

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Show Notes:

Owen's Recovery Science

DNS Baseball 1 in Plano Texas

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