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The Gestalt Education Show . . . Clinical Savant Series feat. Dr. Bill Morgan

clinical savant series the gestalt education podcast


We have some super special content for you this week! Dr. Brett Winchester and I sat down with the 17 year Navy veteran and now president of Parker University, Dr. Bill Morgan. 

Dr. Morgan is as prototypical of a leader as you can imagine. He sets the example and leads from the top. Everything about this man is impressive. Just to name a few . . . He has treated Presidents, senate members, congressmen, and basically everyone who is important in the United States government. He has consulted the health of sitting United State Presidents alongside Neurologists, Medical Doctors, Orthopedic Surgeons, etc.  He spent time treating patients at Bethesda Medical Center (Walter Reed). He has taught all over the world on diagnostic imagining as well as Chiropractic technique. However, one of my favorite accomplishments of his is taking a year that included a devastating tornado AND and global pandemic, and growing Parker University into one of the most progressive and sought after schools in the world. 

Enjoy our conversation with Dr. Bill Morgan. I know I did!


-Taylor Premer, D.C.


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