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The Gestalt Education Show . . . Episode 1

the gestalt education podcast

Brett and I always had the grand idea of recording a podcast, but we could never figure out what exactly it should look like. We contemplated ways of making it different and unique. We tried to plan and suffered from decision paralysis. 


Long story short, we decided to make this as simple and laid back as possible. No deadlines, no release dates, no hard topics. Just raw, unfiltered conversations about things that matter in the clinical musculoskeletal world. So here it is, imperfect and exactly how it should be. 


You won't find background stories, or the age-old question of, "How did you get here." Those questions have already been answered elsewhere. Instead, you will get a behind the scenes look at the clinical decisions Brett Winchester and the other experts in this world make while in the treatment room. We will aim to ask the questions you NEED to know or the ones you don't even know to ask yet.


This podcast will be imperfect, yet perfect! So buckle up, subscribe so you know when we post a new show, and enjoy this adventure with us.


Check out episode 1 where we expose our 'why' of Gestalt Education and what we are trying to accomplish. As always, we really appreciate each and every one of you trying to accomplish clinical excellence and those who are on the path to greatness. Keep Grinding!


-Taylor Premer, D.C.


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