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Top Secrets in Practice: Trigger Points

the gestalt education podcast trigger points

We hope you enjoyed our first episode of The Gestalt Education Show where we discussed the 'why' behind Gestalt Education. We truly are striving to get better every day and to help each one of you achieve clinical expertise. So for our first 'Coffee Conversation' we chose Trigger Points as our topic.

Trigger points are one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted phenomenons in musculoskeletal medicine. A large faction believes they are the cause of pain and dysfunction where another portion of clinicians don't even believe they exist. So Brett and I sat down and dove into our interpretation and understanding.

We look at trigger points through the lens of Shacklock, Kolar, Vojta, etc., and clear some things up for you! Check out episode 2 below. As always, we really appreciate each and every one of you trying to accomplish clinical excellence and those who are on the path to greatness. Keep Grinding!


-Taylor Premer, D.C.


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